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Elbow, Block, Cutter: Powerful Flex Actions

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If you run Flex, have considered using Flex, or just want to pick up a few Flex actions you can use as set plays, then this is the DVD for you. Filled with great actions, insightful teaching points, and effective ways to use terminology and vocabulary, this is over an hour of incredible teaching and information sharing. Whether you have a big strong team and want to play a physical brand of basketball or if you have a smaller sized roster and want to spread the floor, Flex can help you be successful. Ed Cooley, now head coach at Providence, spent five years leading Fairfield and was a longtime assistant to Flex master Al Skinner at Boston College. Filmed at the 5 Star/Hall Of Fame Clinic, Coach Cooley also shares a number of drills that provide shooting and scoring repetition with the shots this offense provides. As Coach Cooley says, "If you don't believe in Flex, I say let's play!" Running Time: 75 Minutes. 2011.

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