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Princeton Continuity Offense

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NEW DVD! Includes pdf book version on disk! Princeton backdoor action, spacing and cutting with hard to disrupt continuity that will allow you to take advantage of any type of defense (overplay, sagging or trapping). Three easy to implement entries (Wing Pass, Dribble and Post) make this offense virtually unstoppable. You will love the movement and floor balance this offense creates. Sections include: INTRODUCTION; EARLY OFFENSE INTO BASIC ALIGNMENT; BASIC CONTINUITY AND ALIGNMENT; WING PASS ENTRY; POST ENTRY; BACKDOOR OPTIONS; SPECIALS; SET PLAYS; USING DRIBBLE PENETRATION AND SKIP PASSES; and BREAKDOWN DRILLS. Includes a set of breakdown drills that will help develop the necessary timing and movement for this offense to be successful. Running time: 65 minutes. PDF ebook included on disk.

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