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Scoring in Transition

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The ability to runs plays from a fast break situation provides the opportunity to maintain a constant attack on an opposing team’s defensive schemes, and prevents an opponent from organizing and using an effective defensive attack such as a trap or press. With this DVD, you’ll learn a variety of plays that can make any transition a deadly scoring attack. Because most teams do not spend much time working on transition defense, teams having an array of options and plays that start with a fast break mindset have a distinct advantage- and Lason Perkins teaches these powerful concepts in a clear and simple manner that work at any level of basketball! $39.95 Chapters Include Baseline Plays for Shooters Ball Screen Plays Post Plays Isolation Plays Plays Against Zones Drills Features: On-court player demonstrations Dynamic Whiteboard diagrams Slow motion footage Multiple camera angles Instructional graphics Approx. 65 Minutes Region 0 Unrestricted

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