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Triple Threat Attack

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Having a great offensive attack starts with proper Triple Threat. You need to be able to threaten the defense every time you have the ball. If you can shoot off the catch, shoot off the dribble, go either way with your shot, you will be unstoppable. Unfortunately, most players don't work enough out of triple threat and never develop the skills needed to become the best offensive player they can be. Now you have the ulitmate in triple threat basketball instruction that will show you exactly what you need to work on and how to do it. Establish Proper Triple Threat Position How to shoot from Triple Threat Covers all the pivots out of Triple Threat How to go strong side and weak side Using the 1-2 Step and Jump Stop Moves Out of Triple Threat Jason teaches proper triple threat position. Proper triple threat will load your body to be explosive putting the defense on their heels.

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