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Open Side/Post Side Motion Offense

US$ 39.95
Permanent ( access + 1 burn)


Matt Bollant developed UW-Green Bay into a national power and now will lead Illinois in their quest to reach the top of the Big 10. His open side/post side motion offense is a major component of their success. The offense has a post permanently positioned on one block with an open block available for flex cuts, back cuts, and slip action. The offense has four perimeter spots and is best run with four players who can face the basket. Bollant emphasizes the offensive fundamentals and demonstrates many of the actions they get within the offense. The offense features double stagger screens, flare actions, flex cuts, post entries, and fan passes to create scoring opportunities. This is an excellent DVD that will allow you to use the offense in the whole or take pieces of it for your current system. Running Time: 43 Minutes. 2011.

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